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Anonymous asked: Hi im looking for a story where erik is around his forty? and charles is his neighbor who just move in and at first erik thought raven is charles's wife. i can't remember much but i'd like to read it again Thanks in advance !!!


Hi Anon!!! 

I think you’re looking for the following:

By Faint Indirections by kianspo

Erik is in his ~50s, and lonely and bitter. He survived the Holocaust and was only ~14 when the war ended; and even ~40 years later, living in a country that helped to end WW2 and the Third Reich, homosexuality is still a taboo topic. Then one day, he stumbles over Charles, who is young(early 20s) and bright and smart and cheeky and full of energy and beautiful. And moving in the same street where Erik lives.

MOD NOTE: This fic is GORGEOUS. Like, achingly gorgeous. It’s romantic, yes, but there is so much layered depth to all of these characters and in their relationships with one another. Even though it’s been a while since I read it, I can still recall scenes from this fic in my mind with perfect clarity. Just…beautiful. Like everything kianspo does <3